Smooth out wrinkles and deep scars in as little as one office visit at Advanced Dermatology & Aesthetics Center in Santa Barbara, California. Leading aesthetic expert, Kim Hurvitz, MD offers long-lasting Bellafill® dermal fillers which provide remarkable results. Bellafill is a fast-acting skin plumping substance, so you’ll notice a dramatic improvement in your skin’s appearance right away. Call or book an appointment online.

Bellafill Q & A

What is Bellafill?

Bellafill is a dermal filler made of collagen-based polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) microspheres. When Dr. Hurvitz injects it into your skin, the gel-like material fills in areas that have lost elasticity and collagen due to age. The microspheres lock into place and provide support and structure for your skin, ultimately leaving you with a visibly smoother appearance with fewer wrinkles.

How soon will I see results with Bellafill?

Because Bellafill is a dermal filler that instantly plumps your skin, expect to notice a dramatic difference in your appearance before you leave the office. Some patients have swelling, bruising, or redness after having injections. This is entirely normal, and any undesirable effects wear off anywhere from one to seven days.

Will I need more than one Bellafill treatment?

At some point, likely yes. Patients often prefer Bellafill injections over other dermal fillers because it lasts up to five years. Once the effects of Bellafill start wearing down, you certainly can have the injections done again.

Aside from smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, Bellafill also is beneficial for correcting acne scars. When used for this purpose to fill in nasolabial folds from severe acne, expect to have visibly smoother skin for about one year or longer. In this case, you may need Bellafill treatments more frequently.

Am I a good candidate for Bellafill dermal fillers?

Likely, yes. Bellafill is an FDA-approved safe treatment for smoothing skin and scars. Ideal Bellafill candidates are generally healthy and over age 21. It works equally well for both men and women with varying types of skin imperfections.

Bellafill might not be right for you if you have known reaction to Lidocaine or bovine collagen. It’s also not always the best option if you have a bleeding disorder or are prone to excessive scar formation. Dr. Hurvitz conducts a thorough health screening to ensure Bellafill is right for you and lets you know what to expect from your treatment.

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*Individual results may vary.